Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

NAH DRAN Extended: Tanzstipendiaten

September 15, 2014

We will be presenting a talk, Sound, Movement, and Silence, as part of NAH DRAN Extended: Tanzstipendiaten, on Sunday, 28th September, 8:30pm, at ada Studio, Uferstudios Studio 7, alongside work by Jessy Layne Tuddenham and Ligia Manuela Lewis.

Full details are available on the Uferstudios website in English and German. Below is part of the general description of the series.

NAH DRAN is a performance series for Berlin-based emerging choreographers. It provides an opportunity to present new pieces (probably for the first time) to an audience. NAH DRAN has its focus on dance pieces but is also open to multidisciplinary works. It assembles three pieces by different young artists in one performance evening. NAH DRAN (“close to”) means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience, which offers a chance to meet on an equal footing.

NAH DRAN extended means that the works were selected under a specific curatorial aspect. NAH DRAN extended: Tanzstipendiaten was created at Berlin dance scholars’ suggestion in collaboration with the Culture Department of the Berlin Senate. After the successful premiere in June 2010, awardees will present now already for the fifth time results of their research to the public.