Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

1–100 mix

November 1, 2018
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1–100 is a performance piece that involves playing excerpts from the same piece of music, many times over. The music that is used in the work is a track by the Berlin rock band Paro, first released in 2013.

Although 1–100 embraces the limitations of repetition, it nonetheless has significant changes in mood and theme as it develops. In order to try to give somewhat of a sense of these thematic changes, this mix was made to combine excerpts from pieces of music that could be considered as similar, linked, or adjacent to the sounds that are created in 1–100. This mix does not contain the actual music played in 1–100, but it aims to introduce some of the musical, performative, and artistic ideas that the work explores.

The playlist:

  • Eliane Radigue —‘Jetsun Mila’
  • Colin Stetson —‘To See More Light’
  • Carl Stone —‘ Sukothai’
  • Earth — ‘Coda Maestoso in F (Flat) Minor’
  • Ellen Arkbro — ‘For Organ and Brass’
  • Hypnodrone Ensemble — ‘Serial Staging’
  • Fugazi — ‘Long Distance Runner’
  • Phill Niblock — ‘Harm’
  • My Disco — ‘German for Attention’
  • Terry Riley —‘ In C’
  • Six By Seven — ‘Sometime I Feel Like…’
  • Pauline Oliveros — ‘A Love Song’
  • Autechre — ‘Rpeg’
  • Miss Red — ‘One Shot Killer’
  • The Fall — ‘Blindness’
  • Rhys Chatham — ‘Guitar Trio’
  • The Melvins — ‘Eye Flys’
  • 乔珊 传世清音 离骚
  • William Basinski — ‘DP 3.1’
  • Mads-Erik Michaelsen — ‘Classical Tune’
  • Minami Deutsch —‘ I’ve Seen a U.F.O.’
  • Eliane Radigue — ‘Jetsun Mila’