Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

Minute/Year (2019)

January 4, 2019
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The 2019 iteration of Minute/Year has been running since 1. January, 2019, in grüntaler9, Berlin.

About grüntaler9:

grüntaler9 is a space towards the performative. It is the only space in Berlin dedicated solely to performance and time-based art. The space is focused not only on hosting live performances, but also deeply committed to being a platform for collaborative processes of research for performative and time-based work.

Since its beginnings in 2011, grüntaler9 has been a space in constant transformation. It is not a gallery, not a white cube, not a black box. Rather, it is a space that addresses the performative in discursive dialogue. Each event and performance leaves visible and invisible traces, which are then subsequently taken over and re-edited, palimpsest-like.

grüntaler9 sees itself as a continuous, collaborative performance, and as a work of art in itself. It is an art event with multiple authorships and, at the same time, a critical discussion of originality and authenticity. There are almost no limits for invited artists — they only have to face the challenge of the space-specific situation.

grüntaler9 is curated and facilitated by Teena Lange.

Minute/Year will be installed for the whole of 2019 in the main project space of grüntaler9. It will overlap, acoustically and spatially, with all the other projects, performances, research processes, and other events that will be occurring in grüntaler9 throughout the year. All are welcome to come and experience Minute/Year directly, at grüntaler9, any time during the year that may suit.