Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

Repatterning, Season 1

August 6, 2023
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The first season of Repatterning is now complete. Take a listen.

Repatterning 10/1 · Nina Nastasia · August 6, 2023
Nina Nastasia is an American singer-songwriter. Her seventh and most recent album, Riderless Horse, was released by Temporary Residence Records in 2022.

Repatterning 9/1 · Maya Indira Ganesh · July 16, 2023
Maya Indira Ganesh is a technology and digital cultures researcher, writer, and educator. She co-leads a Masters program on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society at Cambridge University, and also works as a writer and curator on art, culture, and AI.

Repatterning 8/1 · Dafne Narvaez Berlfein · June 25, 2023
Dafne Narvaez Berlfein is a Berlin-based film and video artist; she also teaches and researches historical and contemporary media aesthetics.

Repatterning 7/1 · Sasha Engelmann · June 4, 2023
Sasha Engelmann is a London-based geographer exploring interdisciplinary, feminist and creative approaches to environmental knowledge making.

Repatterning 6/1 · Kate Donovan · May 14, 2023
Kate Donovan is a Berlin-based artist and researcher working with radio, listening and the more-than-human.

Repatterning 5/1 · Jasmina Al-Qaisi · April 23, 2023
Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a writer for voice and paper, appearing sometimes in other forms, such as a walking scientist, the schnelle musikalische hilfe service, or as the only agent for the self-entitled-self-entitlement-office.

Repatterning 4/1 · Shelley Etkin · April 2, 2023
Shelley Etkin is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, and gardener, based in Berlin. Her work centers relations between bodies and lands, engaging in process-based ecological thinking, making, and healing.

Repatterning 3/1 · Joy Mariama Smith · March 12, 2023
Joy Mariama Smith is a native Philadelphian currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Repatterning 2/1 · Wiam El-Tamami · February 19, 2023
Wiam El-Tamami is a writer from Egypt.

Repatterning 1/1 · Wanda Gaimes · January 30, 2023
Wanda Gaimes is a freelance lecturer, writer, and curator.

Repatterning 0 · An introduction · January 9, 2023