Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty


Afterglow was a sound installation, which was presented on Saturday, October 8., and Sunday, October 9., 2016. The piece was presented in a large resonant basement space of the Musikbrauerei building in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, as part of the closing event of Digital in Berlin’s Kiezsalon 2016 concert series.

In Afterglow, the entire run of Berlin concerts in the Kiezsalon series were combined to create a single, ephemeral, site-specific, eleven-channel work. To do this, all concerts in the series throughout 2016 were recorded, and this audio was then used as source material for the installation. In the installation, excerpts from these concert sets were played, in short fragments, from an array of speakers hung from the ceiling of the unique vaulted underground spaces of the 120-year-old Musikbrauerei building.

Afterglow was presented at part of the final event in the concert series, at the same time as the final three concert sets in the Kiezsalon series. So, as the event progressed, recordings of these three live sets were also added in to the sounds occurring in the installation, as soon as the concert sets themselves were finished. Thus, the piece developed and expanded over the course of the evening, so that, by the end, the piece played fragments from all eleven live sets that had been presented in the Berlin concerts of the Kiezsalon series.

These fragments – the programmatically rearranged slivers of the original live events – were able to overlay, mix, and echo in space. In this way, Afterglow played with an abstract memory of the past concerts, evoking recognisable parts of past events, now juxtaposed with each other and situated in a radically different resonant environment.