Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

Sound Campus

August 7, 2023
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Excerpts from Minute/Year will be included in Sound Campus, a sound-art festival co-presented by Ars Electronica and Kunstuniversität Linz, which will be happening from September 5. to 8., 2023, in the courtyard of Kunstuniversität, Hauptplatz 6, Linz, Austria. Specifically, they will be included in the Stream Compilation Listening Session, on September 8, starting at 6pm.

The excerpts that will be presented are two seven-minute-long ‘streaks’ of recordings from Minute/Year, each presenting one week of recordings generated by the work:

  • Week 30, 2023 (17.–23. July, 2023; SPEKTRUM, Rumelange, Luxembourg)
  • Week 5, 2020 (27. January–2. February, 2020; bb15, Linz, Austria)

These two excerpts have previously been available as episodes of the weekly summary of the work, but will now be presented in public alongside other works, in the “open stream” category of Sound Campus.

Update: the archive of the three broadcasts in the Stream Compilation Listening Session series, including our contributions, are now archived online. They can be listened to on the Res Radio site here.