Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

SPEKTRUM Performance

October 27, 2023
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On Saturday, November 4., at SPEKTRUM, Rumelange, there will be a performance by Angelo Mangini and Kevin Muhlen — and this performance will also be an intervention in Minute/Year, our ongoing durational installation.

This performance will use the one minute of sound generated by Minute/Year during its daily layering process as the initiating point and source material for a live process of iterating and weaving sound.

Angelo Mangini and Kevin Muhlen have been musical collaborators for over twenty years. Their shared explorations have ranged widely, from death metal and noise music through to extended drone music, commissioned soundtracks for choreographic works, and spatial sound experiments. For this performance, they will make use of the architectural potential of the newly-completed SPEKTRUM building, with the duo using the full length of the winter garden area — where Minute/Year is installed — as a reverberative chamber for the sound they will create.

We will also be there, and we will give a short talk beforehand to give some context to the work and the event.

The performance is also the latest in an ongoing series of “open minutes” — publicly-presented performance interventions in Minute/Year — going back to the very start of the work in 2016. A full overview of earlier interventions is available in the archive.

Update — video of the event: