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Minute/Year: Seven Years documentation

August 7, 2023
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Some video and photo documentation from the exhibition Minute/Year: Seven Years at Halfsister, in Schöneberg, Berlin, in June 2023. Minute/Year: Seven Years was a visual and sonic archive of Minute/Year, the process-based installation which has been ongoing since 2016. See more about the exhibition here. Full details »

Carried Bells (Daily Walks) at Hošek Contemporary

May 15, 2021
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Next week, our video Carried Bells (Daily Walks) will be live-streamed on the website of Hošek Contemporary. Carried Bells (Daily Walks) is a video which was originally presented at Hošek Contemporary in October 2019 (as one part of the larger durational installation Carried Bells). The video was generated over the twenty-day course of the development […] Full details »