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September sounds

September 8, 2016
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It’s been the coldest August in 25 years in Germany. Plenty of dreary grey clouds, intermittent showers, and dampness. Which, of course, makes it pretty difficult to get satellite signals, what with all that cloud and rain in the way. September, however, has brought much better weather — and, with it, easier conditions for attempting […] Full details »

On the roof

August 20, 2016
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As part of the research for a new work, we have made antennas to try to receive the signal from the LES-1 satellite. Time to test the antennas. For our first attempt, on the morning of August 19., the time-frame for intercepting signals looks like this: Rising: 05:58:17 Peak: 06:09:41 Setting: 06:21:07 So this means […] Full details »

Antenna 2: Heather

August 18, 2016
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As part of the research for a new work, we have built one antenna, and named it Peter. Our second one will be named Heather. She’s a logarithmic periodic dipole antenna — one that will get a stronger signal in a narrower field than Peter. For Heather, we needed some basic materials: a 3-meter-long wooden […] Full details »

Antenna 1: Peter

August 12, 2016
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For our new work, we are going to be building two different antennas (specifically, a bi-quad antenna and a logarithmic periodic dipole antenna). The first will receive signals at a broader range, but at a weaker signal strength. The second will receive at a narrower range, but with a stronger signal. Hopefully, we’ll be able […] Full details »


July 20, 2016
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We are trying to figure out how to get a reliable signal from the LES-1, a now-defunct satellite launched in 1965. This will be the first part of our research for a new work, which aims to create a response to the erratic signals of the LES-1. The work is supported by the Art + […] Full details »