Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty


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Carried Bells (Daily Walks) at Hošek Contemporary

May 15, 2021
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Next week, our video Carried Bells (Daily Walks) will be live-streamed on the website of Hošek Contemporary. Carried Bells (Daily Walks) is a video which was originally presented at Hošek Contemporary in October 2019 (as one part of the larger durational installation Carried Bells). The video was generated over the twenty-day course of the development of the installation, as documentation of walks that we undertook throughout the city of Berlin.… | More »

I am sitting in a room: Alvin Lucier’s 90th Birthday Celebration

May 15, 2021
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We are delighted to have contributed two recordings to I am sitting in a room: Alvin Lucier’s 90th Birthday Celebration, ISSUE Project Room’s event honouring Alvin Lucier on his 90th birthday, which was live-streamed on 13./14. May. The event comprised ninety artists, each performing a version of I am Sitting in a Room. The full recordings are available on the ISSUE Project Room website. Our two contributions are below.… | More »

Berlin M-Bahn traces

May 9, 2021
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As part of the research work for Other Trains, we have been researching the route and history of the Berlin M-Bahn, one of the world’s earliest magnetic-levitation train routes. Construction on this line began in the centre of Berlin in 1983, and had just opened for testing in 1989 when the Berlin wall came down, rendering the entire project obsolete overnight. In the end, the line only ran as an… | More »

Minute/Year (2021)

January 6, 2021
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The 2021 iteration of Minute/Year, the sixth annual iteration, began on January 1., 2021, at Libken, in Brandenburg, Germany. It will continue there until 31. December. Possible events related to the work will depend—just like everything else—on Covid. Fingers crossed. Libken is a “thought and production location” (“Denk- und Produktionsort”) in the small village of Böckenberg, in rural Brandenburg. Based in a DDR-era Plattenbau building, it was founded in 2014,… | More »

Guest lecture, Wesleyan University

September 7, 2020
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We are guest artists for a lecture in the upcoming series (Un)Sound Projections: When Spaces Resist Recording, in October, given by Paula Matthusen, at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. | More »

LES-1, Oreganoweg, August 2020

August 26, 2020
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From August 11. to 13., 2020, Datscha Radio in Berlin broadcast three days of radio experiments, interviews, discussions, sound art presentations, space noises, and more, all as part of their annual radio art festival. The festival, Listening to the Universe — Radiophonien des Alls, included contributions from a wide range of artists. We were very happy to be among those who were asked to make an artistic contribution to the… | More »


August 19, 2020
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A new work, Alluvium, will be presented at the Ponderosa Unfestival, in Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg, from 7. to 12. September. Alluvium is an installation which is based around sound emerging from underground, outdoors, in a countryside garden. The work will combine two sources of sound — recordings from sounds that are happening underground, within the soil itself, and an accompanying series of overlapping vocal loops. These two aspects will be generatively… | More »

The Invisible Band

August 19, 2020
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Our durational installation, Minute/Year, is currently installed in bb15, in Linz, Austria, for the whole of 2020. Accompanying the work throughout 2020, there has been an ongoing program of events—interventions, micro-concerts, open minutes, and more—organised and curated by Gabriela Gordillo. The latest intervention in this series, The Invisible Band, occurred from August 3. to 9., at bb15. To create this intervention, Gabriela invited seven different artists and improvisers to each… | More »

Minute/Year in Centro Cultura Digital

July 20, 2020
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Centro Cultura Digital in Mexico has published ‘El presente suena, resuena,’ — an essay, in Spanish, by Kassandra Valencia about Minute/Year. Las restricciones que establecen lxs artistas al evento sonoro funcionan como una abertura fraccional desde la cual se observa el andar de la vibración sonora. La obra está en continuo desenvolvimiento y opera de manera relacional con otras fuerzas, con otros materiales oscilantes.From ‘El presente suena, resuena’ | More »

Other Trains excerpts

June 16, 2020
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Excerpts from the research process for Other Trains were part of the June Virtual Open Studios event at GlogauAIR. There is a feature article about the event on Berlin Art Link. | More »